Application Area

Our wide range of products is used in various industrial applications. Our customized solutions offer various uses as per specifications in accordance with different industries. 

We cater our products to following types of industries and applications:

• Petrochemical industry

• Refineries

• Chemical industry

• Power Plant

• Fertilizers

• Oil & Gas

• Nuclear Power

• Cement

• Paper Mills

• Mining

• Sugar Factories

• Steel Plant

• Defence

• Textile industry

• Pharmaceutical industry

• Food & beverages

• Solvent Extraction

Mediums of Oil, Gas, Steam, Water, Pneumatic, Hazardous Chemicals, Petrochemicals etc. 

From Chairman's Desk

For safe and prompt delivery of each and every consignment, a standard trace route has been defined and implemented. This is followed up by several check points to trace the supplied products in their way before those could reach final delivery points. An inventory is managed for this purpose as well. 


Our more than four decades of existence has been efficiently supported by our strong workforce. We emphasize on procurement of the products from reputed manufacturing companies.

We have tactically divided our workforce into different teams of procuring agents, marketing executives, warehousing experts, customer support executives and quality experts. 

The procuring agents ensure that the products are procured from reputed and reliable manufactures of our products. They are involved in cross-checking of each and every consignment that arrives in our premises. They follow dual-check methodology in procurement process to ensure fault free acceptance each time. 

The warehousing agents make sure that the storage of our stocks are kept safe and fault-free. They take care of the cleanliness and regular maintenance of the warehousing premises. 


We possess an ample space dedicated for warehousing purpose of our products. Being involved in a wide range of valves, pipes, pipe fittings and other industrial equipments, we understand the need of a proper warehousing facility. 
Dual check inspection methodology has been implemented for incoming and outgoing stocks of our products’ consignments. This ensures receiving and delivery of products without any damage or defect. Proper inventory of the products is maintained so that availability of products could be ensured and shortage of requested products could be avoided at any point of time.

To maintain safety and cleanliness in the warehousing premises, regular supervision and inspection are carried out. Standard storage methodology has been implemented so that stock items can be provided as per choices without any delay.